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We believe in a clean environment for future generations. As a small business we strive to be as environmentally re…

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Moving & Storage Tips for a stress-free summer!

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Check out Marissa R.'s review of A Moveable Feat on @yelp

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A Blizzard Watch and a Hazardous Travel Advisory have been issued in anticipation of the approaching nor'easter.…

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.@KellyannePolls claims "microwaves that turn into cameras" may have spied on Trump. I want her to be drug tested

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The GOP health plan should be seen for what it really is. It's a massive tax break for the wealthiest Americans and…

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RT if you're one of them.

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Andre the Giant's hand, holding a beer, 1970s.

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Check out the *stunned* view from Mt. Rushmore during today's white house presser:

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As a small New York business we support our cultural institutions. We all benefit from the NEA.

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Catskill schools are now closed for the day; see our complete list of delayed openings and closings

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An ice-cold whisky dispenser, sometimes found in offices. (1950s)

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The March for Science will take place on April 22, 2017. We hope to see you in D.C. and around the world!…

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STORAGE TIPS when moving

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If you're just as mad as we are, don't forget about the #ScienceMarch. Together we rise. Together we #resist.

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"Study #nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” -Frank Lloyd Wright #findyourpark

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New Year's Resolution Recycle! Happy 2017 to all our customers...#newyorkmovers #artmovers #commercialmovers #longdistancemoving

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Have a happy new year! Book your stress-free moves today #newyorkmovers #longdistnacemoving #commercialmoves #bestmoves

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Mr. Trump has nominated an Environmental Protection Agency head who does not believe in environmental protection.

@SenSanders Dec 20, 01:37

Trump received 2.5 million fewer votes than Clinton, yet he'll soon be president. Clearly, in a democratic society, this shouldn't happen.

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Coke Ad from the 1890s

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The Holiday season is the time for giving. When moving - Don't trash your goods! Donate! #housingworks #goodwill #salvationarmy #coatdrives

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Mr. Trump, you told working people you were on their side. You know what? Millions of us are going to demand you ke…

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We're the only major country not to guarantee health care, but Republicans want to throw millions off health insura…

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Making a List: Checking it Twice - Holiday Packing Tips! | A Moveable Feat

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Tips for customers moving midtown Manhattan. Trump traffic will cause delays - please plan your moves accordingly.

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Happy Friday! We Hope You Enjoyed Your Thanksgiving!

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Moving to Canada? We have some helpful tips

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The early snowbird gets the best move #winterbirdspecials #relocationexperts #longdistancemoving

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Cheap Moves Canada #longdistancemoves #toronto #quebec